For a strong body and a steady mind, let yoga into your life

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Absorb the yoga mind and body experience taught by its founder: Johnston Lowry

What makes the difference

Enjoy Johnston’s good-humoured enthusiasm for yoga: backed-up by common-sense, intelligence and wit. He has a depth of knowledge and the skill to communicate the complexities of yoga in a straightforward way.

As yoga grows evermore popular this is exactly what people are looking for, which probably includes you.


What is Yoga?

I’m going to say it! There are too many different types of yoga on the circuit often with very little substance in fact. Moreover: forsaking yoga for sales which is not what real yoga is about. Namely: compassion and learning.

Yoga is an ancient physical and mental practice, originally conceived as a spiritual discipline which has grown into a modern, efficient and comprehensive activity that exercises the body, improves your breathing and settles your mind with alacrity, effectiveness and efficacy.

It’s ‘almost’ the perfect antidote to static, stressful, and unhealthily busy lives. Nothing is or ever should be perfect – hence my ‘almost’ caveat. What is definitely does do is act as a therapeutic activity that’s challenging, exhilarating and bespoke to you, whatever your ability, experience and needs.


Three things to consider – before you decide!

Making money: that’s fine and necessary. Yoga Mind and Body Experience is a business, and has to be run like one to survive. But at its heart, the Experience has to be true to yoga and the welfare of its clients. That’s the benchmark I set for myself, for the Experience, and my students!

So far: it’s not been a problem. One big bonus for me has been the lovely people I meet and the feedback we give each other. Hence why the two yoga teaching services I run are called the Yoga Mind and Body Hub: for learning online. And the Yoga Mind and Body Club: which is the public platform I run for teaching local yoga classes in Camberley and Hook.

The three questions both you and I need to answer

To help sort the wheat from the chaff here are three questions you might want to ask yourself, and me, before deciding where and with who you want to learn yoga. And is it right for you?

Ask 1) Is it authentic yoga: 2) Who is it for 3) How does it smell?

Is it an authentic yoga practice?

No doubt about it: what you learn from me is the genuine article. Technically it’s called Hatha Yoga: which is the traditional and classic form of yoga that consists of eight components.

The big three components

The big three, for most people, are the physical exercise; breathing practice; and meditation, (relaxation and mindfulness).

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Who, is Yoga Mind and Body for?

It’s a play on words but I believe that ‘every’ body and mind need yoga!

That just makes sense! The human body is designed to be active. Yoga does that in a very mindful way. It really gets your heart, lungs, and muscles working hard. In fact, a regular yoga practice meets all the criteria which constitute being physically fit.

Then there the way it improves your breathing and how it trains your mind to relax. Putting you in the driving seat – not our mercurial brain.

To learn more about what yoga consists of please read my blog post

How does the Experience smell?

Hopefully, it smells pretty good! The truth is that we’re all individuals and there will be some yoga teachers who do, and others who don’t give you what’s you’re after. That’s fine and dandy. I don’t want to waste your time, or you wasting mine either!

One of my favourite mantras

I follow the mantra: “If you don’t tell it straight it’ll come out crooked”. What you see is what you get.

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