For a strong body and a steady mind, let yoga into your life.

Hello: and welcome to Yoga Mind and Body

My name is Johnston Lowry. I’m the founder of Yoga Mind and Body — a not-for-profit Social Enterprise dedicated to bringing you the best possible level of yoga instruction. Teaching yoga is what I do. It’s my passion.

At my yoga hub, you can learn online, or (when it’s safe to return) at my yoga club classes, in Camberley and Hook.

Make it happen!

Explore the website to find out more about yoga, how and why I teach it, and what it will do for you! Provided you’re committed and put in the many hours of practice involved.

All the best, and I hope to meet you soon,


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Healthy body: Happy mind

Yoga Mind and Body is tailor-made for beginners. I describe my teaching as having its head and heart in the right place because that’s important for getting beginners into the right habits.

I like to think that I am giving beginners a professional education in yoga conveyed with the characteristics of any good teacher: intelligence, knowledge, precision, clarity, experience and a sense of humour!

That aside: you will find the hub an accessible, enjoyable way of learning authentic yoga. It’s not for lycra-clad over-the-top protagonists. It’s designed for ordinary people who simply want to learn yoga properly and to do that online, in their own time.

What is Yoga?

There are, dare I suggest, too many different types of yoga. I want to redress that.

Essentially yoga is an ancient physical and mental practice, originally conceived as a spiritual discipline which has grown into a modern, efficient and comprehensive activity that exercises the body, improves your breathing and settles your mind with alacrity, effectiveness and efficacy.

In a nutshell: yoga is the antidote to static, stressful, and unhealthily busy lives. It’s a therapeutic activity that’s challenging, exhilarating and bespoke to you, whatever your ability, experience and needs.

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Online yoga with beginners in mind

With yoga, you’re always a beginner because yoga is more expansive than most of us.

With so many qualitative subtleties, yoga helps you to stay healthy, mentally and physically, in a positive and contemporary way that’s complementary to modern lifestyles.

Exercise for wellness and wellbeing are the watch-words we attach to yoga. Which, like life, is to be enjoyed and made the most of whenever we can.

Yoga leads the way to a better life: you make it happen. We just shine the light and help you to navigate that path.

Your body and mind need yoga

The beautiful thing about yoga is that it gives you a complete makeover for both your body and mind; which it does in a skilled and fulfilling but most of all – an enjoyable way.

Authentic yoga consists of challenging exercise; controlled breathing and calming “Mindfulness Plus” – which we prefer to call meditation. These build a fitter and healthier body integrated with a composed, calm and balanced mind

Nothing else is so singularly powerful and elevating as yoga can be for your body, mind and soul. Provided you practise regularly and often.

Sagacious, erudite, good-humoured

I sometimes like using big words because, when well-used, they’re concise. A bit like yoga! I’ve chosen these adjectives to describe the quality of yoga teaching service you get.

Sagacious: because I’m discerning on what works best for our yoga students,

Erudite: because my instruction reflects years of experience, training and practising yoga.

Wit: because I teach yoga in a humorous, considered way with a healthy degree of scepticism for overblown claims about what yoga is and can do.